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We are pleased to announce a new(er) Motorhome from MeshWorks

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Graphic Novels Added to Downloads
(Dec. 10, 2020)
MeshWorks/KPL shared universe graphic novels now available for viewing and/or pdf download. PG-17 novels included;  Reclaimation, 3D sci-fi adventures; and Oblivion Aftermath, an Oblivion fan storyline. These graphic novels are designed to be 'A Shared Universe' where readers are able and encouraged to add their own 3D stories. I hope you will join in the fun. Link to connection page.

3 new Bundles added to Catalog
(July 27, 2020)
 I finally got around to creating the Product Bundles that customers had asked for. Bundles added to the catalog are;
RV Props ($15.95), with over 60 stand-alone props for the Cobra, Spaceship Segments ($15.95) of all three expansions, and the Cobra Motorhome Poses ($4.95).


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Each Sunday, a random MeshWorks/KPL product will be put on sale for half off the already low price!
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RV Expansion #5 - Mobile Studio

Promo 1


Item Name
: RV Expansion #5
Item No. : KPL-014
Vendor : MeshWorks
Producer : KPL
Required : Cobra Motorhome
Price : $7.95 $3.97
Item Type : Cr2, Pp2
Compatible : Poser : 4+
Studio: 2.3+
Document : Readme
File Size : 14.5mb
Format : .zip

Description: 'Mobile Studio' expansion for the 1978 Motorhome. This is a Cr2 figure which loads the Motorhome with slides on both the left and right to create the studio. Complete editing booth in rear section and video camera figure. Also includes anchors desk and chair, extending mast, observation platform and transmitter dish.


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Older News

Cyber Monday Sale - November 26-December 10
(November 26, 2020)
Buy 1, get one free (of equal or lesser value) includes Bundles.

Lost Product Addon Revived

(July 20, 2020)
While going through some older model files I run across some addon items for the Stock Car Base Product. All the control files had been created and most of the icon thumbnails were made. The Stock Car Expansion #1 just needed a Readme file created, zipped up and added to the catalog. Sometimes, things fall through the cracks or just pushed to a back burner and forgotten. I actually have quite a few items like this buried in all my files and I will make time to find and revive them.

Needing a Studio 3 Script

(July 15, 2020)
I am still using Daz Studio 3 Advanced when creating control files for all my products. Not that I haven't upgraded to Studio 4x, but I want to insure that what I create is compatible with both Poser and Studio. I had been using 'Prop Pose Export' to create pz2 files for props, but since I moved my directories over to my new computer, it has not worked. The script was made by DeltaX1 in binary format and I can not edit it. Anyone know where I can find a ds/dsa script or a way to fix the old one?

Latest Product to Stay on Sale

(June 2020)
The 'Latest MeshWorks Product' will remain on sale until a new product is added! See the Projects tab to see what's upcoming.

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Previous Customers
Over the next couple months, I will be combing through the saved database files from the old MeshWorks Shop. The hope is to recover all the email addresses for customers that had already signed up for the newsletter.

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