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Poser Addicts

Free Computer Graphics resources including 3D CG Models, CG Tutorials, CG Art, CG Animations, CG textures, CG material, and CG Software.

PFD Lives

Dream Slayer Artworks



Vanishing Point



Dawn, Dusk, Baby Luna, the HW3D Horse, HW3D Big Cat and HW3D House Cat are the latest in a long line of historically significant figures developed by Chris Creek, creator of the original Poser figures, Dork and Posette, as well as the original Michael and Victoria figures.


Avenging Angel
The free Avenging Angel online comic provides a vivid account of Angieís adventures as a thief, martial arts and weapons expert, and FBI Special Ops agent. Itís an adventure filled with action, mayhem, and torture. Because of Morganís relentless pursuit, Angie spends most of her life on the run.



KPL Sites

Krown Products Ltd
A gateway to all the KPL Original websites. Some are active sites, and others not so much. Others are by invitation only. Public access sites are listed below.
Online Gaming Art
Offering 3D renderings of favorite characters for online game players. CGI renders for popular multi-player online role playing games such as World of Warcraft, League of Angels and others. Gamers can order custom portrait packages to use in their social media platforms, blogs, or a media device.
Horizons - Oblivion Aftermath
A Fan Art Project
This project is currently under construction. What will be included are an interactive Map Viewer, user submitted Graphic Novels, Storyline ideas and colaberation, detailed Background information and exclusive add-ons for the Horizons product line.
Reclamation Graphic Novel
A Sci-fi anthology composed in 3D by multiple authors.

The year is 2284 and humanity has spread across the galaxy with reckless abandon. Colonizing every habitual planet that was reached. But the human race must have gone one planet too far. A year after a devastating war, humans are trying put the pieces back together. However, humanities very nature may prevent it

Partners - Contributors - Favorites - KPL Sites

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