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  New pieces are being worked on all the time. This is a listing of these projects and there current status. Ideas for addons or expansions often happen during the production of a major new piece. However, if the major product is a flop or there is not enough interest, some things get moved to the back burner. Other MeshWorks and KPL Originals products/freebies never get completed or released.

  A few projects below got all the way to the testing stage and for one reason or another may have be abandoned. These may contain a download link, but contain no documentation or guaranty they will work. If you download one of these and use it in a render, you are obligated to send any notes, suggestions, comments or fixes to me via email.

  I would be happy to hear from you and discuss options to revive an item or ways to improve it. You are not considered a KPL product quality control tester, but an interested party. This means you are not entitled to free upgrades, but will receive a final version, if it is released in the market.

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On the Drawing Board

Addons and Expansions for the Sunflyer Motorhome (2022)
  Although several of the Cobra Expansions are usable with the Sunflyer, several new items are being produced for this model. These include a new texture set, storage bins for the overhead compartments, entertainment video equipment, toiletries for the bathroom, sheets and comforter for the bed, towing package and fillers for the other opening compartments and fridge. Images will be added here as they are completed. Some add-ons will be freebies.

Spaceship Segments-Corridors Expansion (2022)
New expansion sets for the Spaceship Segments series have been completed and awaiting the beta testing to be completed. We still need one more beta tester that is already familiar with this excellent set.
If you would like to beta test these up coming product expansions, you can start with this one. Review the product Readme here. If you are interested, download the beta version below.

(26.7 mb)

Props from Graphic Novels
  During the creation of the stories I produce, which are seldom shared with the 3D community, I need props or figures for the storyline. Most of the time it is easier to just open up Metasequoia and create the mesh and import them into Studio. Many are just background filler, but a few get more detail and may have a use by others. I have considered adding download links in my stories, but the audience reading them have little interest and would not even know what to do with the item. So, I will release them here for others to use as needed.

  There is no documentation or support offered. Several may include trademarked, real world, products and these should not be used for commercial purposes. All typical KPL licenses still apply. Click image for a direct download, if one is available. If you really need something not downloadable, email me and ask me about getting a copy.

Office Supplies
Grapple Hook
Duct Tape
Tobacco Pipe
Tantra Chair

Graphic Novels
Shared universe anthologies composed in 3D by multiple authors.

"A shared universe is a literary technique in which several different authors create works of fiction that share aspects such as settings or characters and that are intended to be read as taking place in a single universe." -Wikipedia


Abandoned Projects
The Terrace (2012)
  A patio setting complete with upper deck, den/gym, lattice awning and hillside ground prop. Set includes furniture, potted plants, hot tub and tantra chair. Option of 2 exterior wall styles, brick or vinyl siding.

  Designed to work with the Studio01 scene setting.
Price set at $5.95

  Abandoned due to several textures were downloaded from ShareCG and was not able to contact the owner to get his permission to use them. Another problem came up mating to the Studio01.

(26.6 Mb)

Flexy-Room (2011)
  Three connected rooms that could morph into any number of configurations. Features include positionable interior walls, alcoves and nooks, several door and doorway styles, three flooring options like carpeted, hardwood and tiled, 5 ceiling options with vaulted depth adjustment, and stairways to second floor/basement options.

Morphable options can change the rooms from a modern family dwelling to a skyscraper office setting to a shop or small store.

Abandoned because of the complexity that would be to difficult for typical users to manage. Just too many parts and options.
Hover over
Promo Samples
to view
Familyroom Alcove Cafe Office

  Custom morphs for PT, YT, V3 and V4. Some sets include custom mats. Not released or completed because there are already tons of characters on the market. A few were used in Graphic Novels or Story Series (some of adult nature).

PT Emily
YT Yumi
V3-A4 Satomi
V3-V4 Keiko
A4 Saori

Observatory (2011)
  A gallery style viewing area. Features two rows of seating with fold down seats, hideable walls and ceiling, prep room and optional bars separator. Set also includes DS lighting and mat poses for A3, M3 and V3.

  Discovered there was a much better way to structure how the scene was assembled, and simply never got back to it.

(9.3 Mb)
Promo Images

Somehow I managed to loss all the work I did on this model.

I located a backup copy and is now in the design cue.

3D Digital Art Magazine
In the middle of 2013, I tried to get an online publication going. A preview issue and two full issues were completed. Although I had a lot of positive response, advertising by content creators never materialized.

This is a project I may revive if I can get commited advertisers.

Sponser Advertiser Goal: 16

Commited Advertisers: 2
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Project Extras

Desktop Backgrounds
Based on a 2D character from an adult online "role playing" game. Images are 1250x1000 to fit most standard monitors. Right Click image and select 'Save image as' or on Firefox, you can  apply directly with select 'Save as background image'



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