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Needing a Studio 3 Script
(July 15, 2020)
I am still using Daz Studio 3 Advanced when creating control files for all my products. Not that I haven't upgraded to Studio 4x, but I want to insure that what I create is compatible with both Poser and Studio. I had been using 'Prop Pose Export' to create pz2 files for props, but since I moved my directories over to my new computer, it has not worked. The script was made by DeltaX1 in binary format and I can not edit it. Anyone know where I can find a ds/dsa script or a way to fix the old one?

Latest Product to Stay on Sale

(June 2020)
The 'Latest MeshWorks Product' will remain on sale until a new product is added! See the Projects tab to see what's upcoming. (nixed)

The old news is not good news

(May 2020)
 For us content creators, the covid virus lock-down has changed little for us poor slobs sitting in front of our computer for 14 hours a day. -Al (May 2020)

Well, screw it! Back to basics.

(May 2020)
 In early February I was notified by my hosting company, which I have been with since 2004, the price for the plan I chose was going to more than double. Actually, almost triple, and right before my yearly renewal date. Coincidence? Oh, I think not. I was running several sites under the one domain name, ten to be exact. My iNodes and bandwidth were always near max all the time. And, I complained a lot to them about the crappy features offered, how terrible the mail service they chose was, why my accounts were always getting hacked by the chinese, lengthy downtimes, etc, etc.

 The MeshWorks store had only 4 sales in the last six months. Plenty of people come in to download the freebies, but that doesn't pay the bills. So, I let the hosting service expire. Bye bye to all of it. Trying to make a site that I thought would draw in more visitors turned out being a waste of time. Without a big advertising budget, the 3D community all but forgot about MeshWorks (and many other small content producers). Banner exchanges, freebie websites, top notch products... all in vain. Just trying to keep the many sites updated and bug free took a lot of my time. I was actually glad to be done with it all.

 Suddenly, I had time to create more models. Since I had bought a new(er) Motorhome, I thought that a good personal project would be to re-create a 3D model of it. Mostly I have been wanting to add some custom components to it, such as a fold-down HAM radio antennae and patio water mist system. To help me visualize and plan these motorhome projects, I needed a 3D model. A highly accurate reproduction of the exterior. After loading the model in Studio, I thought, "Holy crap that looks good!". And needless to say, it was off to the races.

 In just three weeks (Mid March), I had the complete RV done. Another week creating the textures and add-ons. KPL had a new product... and no website to put it on. Damn it! So, I got a new host, a better host and got a nice two year plan and an additional domain name in the deal. Thus the new MeshWorks3d. However, It has been very problematic getting the older sites to work at the new hosting company. Php and database versions are not compatible and nothing is working. So here we have static html pages. No Sign ups, accounts, forums or other bells and whistles. Welcome to simple.

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